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How to change your Notification Email?
How to change your Notification Email?
Written by Öykü Eda Aydın
Updated over a week ago

WebAutomation allows its users to configure email addresses depending on their needs. You can get different notification emails from different email addresses. For example, you can get a notification email for the completion of an extractor at one email address and you can get a notification email related to billing and payment at another email address.

In order to change the email depending on your need kindly visit the Notification Settings page at Here you can add the desired email address by clicking the Save button.

You can take advantage of the following email notifications:

  • Extractor Reports: You’ll be sent a report each time your extractor completes a session. This will include how long the session took, the number of rows extracted, and much more

  • Task updates: This will send you a notification via email once any automated tasks have started/completed

  • FTP updates: This will send notifications relating to any activities relating to FTP tasks set up. Including when a transfer is completed

  • Billing & Payments updates: You’ll be sent information about payments and billing

  • Tickets updates: Get email updates regarding any tickets you opened

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