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How to customize Email Notifications?
How to customize Email Notifications?
Written by Öykü Eda Aydın
Updated over a week ago

Now you can choose which emails/alerts you receive and to which email inbox you receive them with our new email notifications and alerts.

Step 1: Open the Settings from the top right corner dropdown menu

Step 2: When viewing your Account Notification Settings screen you’ll find a new Email Notifications panel where you can control the kinds of emails you’d like to receive.

You can take advantage of the following email notifications:

  • Extractor Reports: You’ll be sent a report each time your extractor completes a session. This will include how long the session took, the number of rows extracted, and much more

  • Task updates: This will send you a notification via email once any automated tasks have started/completed

  • FTP updates: This will send notifications relating to any activities relating to FTP tasks set up. Including when a transfer is completed

  • Billing & Payments updates: You’ll be sent information about payments and billing

  • Tickets updates: Get email updates regarding any tickets you opened

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