• An AWS account, signed into

  • A account with at least 1 extractor set up

Step 1: Create an AWS S3 Bucket

  • Search for S3, from list of services

  • Click on create bucket

  • Name your bucket

Step2: Create AWS IAM Access

  • Search for IAM from list of services

  • Click on Users , then "add users

  • Select programmatic access

  • Set permissions boundary ( recommended to only allow access to S3)

  • Once the user is created you will be presented the Access key ID and Secret key. You can download for full details.. Copy these are you will need to enter into

Step 3: Link to your account/extractor

  • Select the extractor which you would like to link to the S3 account and then enter the mandatory S3 details

  • Once entered click the update S3 account. Next time you run this extractor the data will be automatically transferred over

Step 4: Run it: Run the extractor linked to the S3 account and once the session is completed the data will be transferred over to your S3 bucket

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