How many credits do I need to use the Amazon Product Details scraper?

Our Amazon Product details scraper uses what we refer to as regular requests. Regular requests cost 10 credit per row.

Using direct Amazon product URLS

If you already have a list of Amazon product URLS, you can paste or upload these links into the starter links section of the Pre-defined extractor. This is the most efficient way of scraping as our extractor will only visit the URLS uploaded individually.

For example, if you upload 10 valid urls it will cost you 100 credits to visit those pages.

Using search or category pages

Scraping with this URL type will turn our extractors into crawlers and they will crawl through Amazon to find the product in the category or search url.

So if you had a search url with 100 results on 5 pages it will initially cost a minimum of 1000 credits

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