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Concierge Request Limitations
Concierge Request Limitations
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Concierge requests are a service we offer our customer to help them build an extractor to run on WebAutomation. As every website has its complexities different amount of time and effort are required to build each. See below for estimation of pricing based on the grouping

Standard requests- $199

These are extractors we can build with our system. They will typically be popular websites visited globally and have no access restriction to the data required. If you are on a paid plan, standard requests will be included as part of your free extractor build

Advanced Standard requests - from $199

These are websites that require custom scripting to access the data.

Custom requests - from $500

These are typically websites that have advanced anti bot protection or request which require a large volume of data within a time period

Examples of custom jobs

  • Data behind Maps

  • Data behind complex login/2FA

  • Requiring more than 3M requests per month

  • Requiring custom scripting or manual intervention during scraping

For non-standard (custom) job please contact us

Note: Any Standard extractors built will be hosted on our marketplace

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