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What is a Pre-Defined Extractor [PDE] and how do I choose one?
What is a Pre-Defined Extractor [PDE] and how do I choose one?
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What is a Pre-Defined Extractor [PDE]?

Pre-Defined Extractors are a set of ready- to use web scrapers available to all customers without needing to build, configure any scraping rules or write any code. In one touch you could start running an extractor to get the data you need to fuel your businesses

Why are Pre-Defined Extractors so great?

  • No programming required: Get data like an expert without any coding knowledge

  • Runs on the cloud: No need to download any software or extensions

  • ​On-demand support: We are ready to help or make changes to the scrapers as required

  • ​Extract data on a schedule: Automate your extractor to run weekly, daily, or even hourly

  • ​ No Maintenance: We monitor and resolve any issues relating to website structure changes and blocking. If you notice any issues with any of the extractors notify us and we will make the amendments in 1-2 days

Who is this for?

Developers: Stop spending time writing code to scrape data and Focus on building applications. Lets us do the dirty work of extracting the data

Data Scientists: Focus on actually making sense of the data, let us get the data ready for you to start your work

eCommerce merchants: No need to hire expensive freelancers or consultants to scrape anymore, now the power is in your hands to get the data you need

Sales & Marketers: Build your marketing and sales lead lists using this very cost-efficient solution

How do I choose one?

To start using WebAutomation, you’ll have to check out the WebAutomation Marketplace and select the pre-defined extractor (PDE) you’re interested in:

When you click on “Use for free”, you’ll be asked to set it up. Don’t worry if you’re not at ease during this step, you’ll be able to update the settings later. Follow the steps below to run it

Step 1: Click on "use for Free"

Step 2: Activate the Pre-Defined extractor by clicking the "Activate button"

Step 3: Enter your starter URLs

Enter a List of search URLs to start the web scraping. It typically will be a search URL including query string for filters, copy the URLs and paste them into the starter links input box

Step 4: Click "Run now"

You can use as many PDEs as your credit will allow you. You can also use multiple versions of the same PDE.

PDEs you’ve selected are stored in the Dashboard and Extractor section of your account. From there, you can access each PDE’s Console page (shown below) to manually launch it, edit its Setup, or find and download its results files:

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