Before you can use any of the Pre-Defined Extractors(PDE), you will need to activate it to confirm you would like to add an instance to your account. Below are the steps to take

*you need to be logged-in into your account to perform the below

  1. Navigate to webautomation Marketplace and pick the Pre-Define extractor you require. For this example We'll pick the Amazon Search Results Scraper

  2. Click on the card of the PDE you require

3. You will be redirected to a readme page which describes how to use the extractor. Click activate to assign to your account

4. You will be redirected to the input tabe. Copy the search url from your target website and paste into the starter links input box. These will usually by category/department or advanced search pages. See more explanation on starter links

5. Click the 'Run Now' PDE button

6. Download your data once the status is completed

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