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How To Create a Concierge Request?
How To Create a Concierge Request?
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What is a Concierge request?
Concierge is a service we provide to existing customers to help them build an extractor using one of our experts. It is a quick way to get up and running if you do not want to build an extractor yourself

How long does it take?
A concierge request will take a maximum of 4 working days, depending on the volume of requests we have

You have to have set up an account and be signed in
To create an account for free click here

How much does it cost?

See pricing page to find out costing

To create a request follow the below steps:

Step 1

Click on the concierge from the left navigation menu

Step 2:

Enter in the URL of the webpage that has your data into the text box

Step 3:
Describe what you would like your extractor to scrape, i.e. categories, filters etc

Describe what you would like to scrape

Use the pen highlighter to highlight visually the elements you would like to scrape

Highlight your elements

Save and then click the next button

Save and Click next


The concierge requests are only for standard requests which can be built within the system. For non-standard (custom) job please contact us

Examples of custom jobs

  • Data behind Maps

  • Data behind login/2FA

  • Requiring more than 3M requests per month

  • Requiring custom scripting or manual intervention during scraping

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